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  • Jan25Tue

    Raising Rufus

    January 25, 2022

    It has been nearly two months since our Raising Rufus campaign came to an end and I want to share with you some very exciting news!  Rufus has enough friends to completely replace the much worn roof on the Cancha at Skylark.  In fact you could say that this campaign went right through the roof!!  We had an ambitious goal to raise $20,000 and thanks to your hard work and generosity the final total is just shy of $31,000.00. We are humbled and so thankful for all of you who made this possible.

    Roof materials are purchased and labour arranged so Rufus and his new friends should be in place by the end of February.  Of course this also means that usable materials from the existing roof will be used to make repairs on other buildings and most importantly provide needed building materials for people in the community like Pedro whose house currently has only a cardboard roof.  When the rainy season comes to Los Medranos in May these new roofs will be even more appreciated.

    Funds from this campaign also support our programs on site like the Christian Leadership Training, the Best Start in Christ Pre-School, the monthly medical clinic and our skills training programs for women in the community.

    We are so grateful to God for your support and want you to know that these funds are being used to make a positive impact in many lives.