Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future is a project initiative oriented to women from the communities local to the Skylark Retreat Centre.  The main objective of the program is to develop crafting and handiwork skills with the goal of serving as a means of livelihood for families.  Basic business administration education is included as part of the program.  The training will ultimately allow participants to establish their own work timetable, workplace and determine a realistic income to earn each month. This project is also designed to raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of the women involved in the program, as they are given the opportunity to sell the crafts they make in the program to foreign visitors to the Skylark Centre.

This 70-hour program runs for 35 weeks, 2 hours per week.  Sessions conclude with the distribution of a package of materials relevant to the handiwork skills that have been acquired, allowing graduates to begin their micro businesses.

Building a Better Future is a spearhead for Threefold as a Christian Ministry to strengthen the bonds of friendship that already exist with women in the community.  We consider it a springboard to future programs geared to teens through adults of both genders. 

Registrations have reached capacity for recent program sessions.  Please consider donating to this community-changing initiative.

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