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The Skylark Centre came to life in 2007 as a retreat for Christian purposes – a place for meditation, education, study and physical, medical, and spiritual rest for active or retired Christian workers and their families, and for youth.  The emphasis is on the teaching and healing of Jesus Christ.

Beginning in 2008, in response to surveys conducted in 2005, Threefold Ministries’ teams of Christian leaders from Canada began travelling to the Skylark Centre to conduct conferences for Nicaraguan Pastors and Christian leaders.  These conferences have focussed on encouraging, equipping and refreshing these leaders to be increasingly effective in providing leadership in their congregations and communities. 

The Nicaraguan Christian community has experienced its share of difficulties in recent years with many of its leaders being caught up in the political strife of 2018 and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Churches are struggling with the overall loss of leadership with pastors forced into hiding or succumbing to COVID.  Those picking up the mantle are often doing so with little to no formal training or education in Christian teaching.  Leaders in rural areas are at a particular disadvantage to their urban counterparts, having generally received less instruction in areas such as basic theology, sermon preparation, counselling, etc.

Threefold is participating in filling the gap and, by doing so, working to fulfill the mission set upon it by God.  Travel and mission teams are giving way to local in-country training.  We are utilizing the established:

  • relationships with local Christian leaders developed over 10 years+
  • in-country networks to broaden the reach to additional leaders
  • local and international expertise in Christian leadership
  • video and audio technology that allows for additional support and reach and training from Canada
  • foundations of content for a Christian library
  • facilities to accommodate individual and group study
  • on-site medical clinic to support the physical needs of leaders and their families
  • facilities for rest and retreat

In-person classes began in February 2021 with an initial focus on biblical interpretation.  13 leaders completed these sessions by July 2021.  The second session kicked off in August 2021 with a focus on Christian leadership.  We ask for your prayers and your support during this time.  The potential is great.  Find more information though this Blog post.

Please contact us for more information as to how you can help or support us in prayer.  You can also donate toward this initiative which falls under our “Best Start in Christ” programming.


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