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The health care system in Nicaragua is limited in several significant ways.  The government claims that access to a health-care provider is 'universal'.  In practical terms this means that medical clinics have been set up throughout the country but these buildings, if staffed at all, are often understaffed, or staff lack necessary training.  The clinics have little in the way of medical equipment or supplies. Similarly, access to medicine, diagnostics, basic procedures and follow-up care is limited and available primarily to those who can afford to pay for it.

In response, and resulting from donor support and encouragement, office space was converted to accommodate an on-site, staffed medical clinic.  The doors opened in August 2019 to select patients from the local community identified with chronic conditions by visiting North American medical mission teams.  This is a major milestone towards the goal of providing holistic care.  We look forward to expanding services as funding and resources allow!  

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May 2015 Medical Team

We also strive to empower the impoverished communities in the vicinity of the Skylark Centre by providing broader medical and dental clinics and training opportunities in first-response. Are you interested truly making a difference and finding out more about these potential opportunities to serve?

Medical Missions

We feel called to share the love of Jesus through caring for the health and healing of underserved populations. Thanks to committed and compassionate North American volunteers, Threefold Ministries is able to provide medical and dental attention to several identified communities and hundreds of people every year who have little access to healthcare. Our medical ministry is dedicated to ensuring the patients we serve feel listened to, valued, and receive quality medical attention. We provide continuity of care to our patients through follow-up care and clinics that run as frequently as possible.

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September 2016 Medical

Partners in Paramedicine

The overall goal of the Partners in Paramedicine program is to train community members from around Nicaragua in First Responder skills in order to provide their home communities with Emergency responder care.  Most communities are not serviced by any volunteer fire or ambulance organization.  Those that do exist are poorly equipped and volunteers sorely lack necessary life-saving skills. Trained and experienced Paramedics from across Canada have been providing training in this capacity since early 2013.  Interested in being a part of a life-changing, and live-saving, experience?

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First Response Training 2013