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Teams are made up of dentists, doctors, medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists, and truly anyone with skills and training in a medical capacity. Don't have any medical training? We also need volunteers to help facilitate the logistics of the clinics through registering patients, filing patient records, assisting in the pharmacy, directing patients through the flow of the clinic, electronic data entry, and other important duties necessary to execute the clinics.  Neither previous international medical experience, nor in-depth knowledge of tropical diseases are requirements of any team member.

Dental and general medicine are the two largest areas in which we provide medical attention. Diabetes, hypertension, parasitic infections, and respiratory problems are some of the most common issues that patients struggle with. We have also provided, and hope to continue to provide, specialty care such as attention to women's health through gynecologist consults and PAP smears.

Clinics are held at our Skylark Retreat Centre in San Marcos, Nicaragua.  Up to 8 individual clinics areas are set up in the dedicated medical building - complete with pharmacy - to receive patients.  Patients arrive from the local community and are bussed in from other identified communities where access to healthcare is limited.  They are identified either through trusted community leaders or are returning for follow-up attention from past clinics. 

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Threefold values making sure that patients get the attention they need. Charts are maintained for each patient.  Attending physicans will record any necessary follow-up needs for patients such as blood work, ultrasounds, x-rays, consults with specialists, etc.  We ensure, in as much as it is possible, that these patients receive the attention required.  Our staff walks alongside each of these identified patients to ensure their understanding of their health conditions, personal health habits that can improve their condition, and procedures to follow after they complete follow-up. We have seen lives saved through the follow-up process and made many new friends along the way!

Please consider joining a team or talking to a health professional you know about partnering with us to meet this great need!  We know that there are a seemingly unending number of questions that you might have.  Contact us at